Q) What is Feedback Revolution QR?

A) Feedback Revolution QR is the feedback solution for businesses that want a way to generate immediate, actionable feedback. It’s a great fit for restaurants, retail stores, dentists, chiropractors and other business that care about their customers, guests or patients. We use leading edge research and today’s technology to collect customer feedback. t have a smart phone you they can easily take the survey online.
Q) Why do I need Feedback Revolution QR?

A) To measure, manage and improve your customers’ experience.
Q) Do customers need to be tech guru’s to use this?

A) No. Most people have a QR scanner on their phone. After that, all they need to do is point, scan and share feedback. Very easy.
Q) Do enough people have phones that can do this?

A) As we post this in the United States over 50% of the current users have the technology. As of August 2011 more "smartphones" were sold than traditional cell phones for the first time.
Q) A customer doesn’t have a smartphone?

A) Don’t worry… they can easily take the survey online.
Q) Where can my customers get a QR Code Reader?

A) Here are just a few of many links to reliable readers:
http://get.neoreader.com/ (iphone compatible)
https://market.android.com/details?id=la.droid.qr&hl=en (for Androids)
Q) Can customers use anything other than their phone or home computer to participate?

A) Yes. Any device that can scan a QR and has internet connectivity will work. My son uses his I Pad shuffle to do it. He isn’t even 10 yet.
Q) Do I need to be tech guru to use this?

A) No. If you can log on to a web site you can do it. We designed it to be an easy-to-use business tool. If it’s hard to use people won’t use it and that defeats our purpose!
Q) How do I use Feedback Revolution QR?

A) It's easy! Select the plan that is the best fit for your needs. After that, you will be provided log in details. When you log in you will see “Setup Survey” and all you need to do is provide your company information and away you go. The system will provide your QR Code as well as the link to your survey.
Q) How do I do I tell my customers that we want their feedback?

A) Because all customers need to do is point, scan and share their feedback your choices are limitless. Here are a few places that your unique code could be placed:

Near your cash register
Posters or Signs
Table tents
On your menu
Register receipts
Emailed to customer
In enewsletters
We’ve even seen them in restrooms!
Q) How do I get customers to provide feedback?

A) The key here is making it easy! If it’s easy more people will do it. Feedback Revolution QR makes it very easy so that part is taken care of. The next factor is making it known. We encourage our clients to train their staff on what Feedback Revolution QR is and why you are doing it. Some businesses will have contests by shift to see who can get the most completed surveys submitted.
Q) What about incentives?

A) We’re fans of incentives. Research shows that it doesn’t bias peoples feeling about the experience unless it’s a HUGE incentive. (Buy a taco, fill out the survey and receive $500) It can be as simple as a Free Appetizer on their next visit or discount on their next visit.
Q) How do I receive my feedback?

A) You will get your feedback two ways. You can view your online “Report” that provides you a snapshot of your results. This is immediate! So after a customer hits “Submit” you see the results. The other way is with a CSV file that you can export so you can look at the information the way that is best for your organization..
Q) Follow up on comments?

A) If a customer shares a comment and they include their email address they want you to contact them and follow up. Knowing the information is the first step. Improving is the next step. Most businesses find that if they address a frustrated guest’s complaint quickly they will save the relationship.

When they provide their email address it also gives you the opportunity to email them from time to time with offers and information. Some clients see the survey as a great tool for growing their customer data base!
Q) Is there a cost per survey or per response?

A) No.
Q) Is it hard for my customers to take the survey?

A) No. It’s amazingly easy. It’s usually just around 5 questions and if they do it from their phone they can speak their comments if they want. What could be easier than just talking into your phone?
Q) Can I get an alert based on the score a customer enters?

A) That will be available in the next update. We love the idea of immediate feedback. It’s a great way to fix problems and do “service recovery.”
Q) Do customer need a special device?

No. Any device that can scan a QR and has internet connectivity will work. My son uses his I Pad shuffle to do it. He isn’t even 10 yet.
Q) How can this all be FREE?

A) We have been helping businesses measure, manage and improve their customer experience for over 20 years. We have been looking for a way to offer our services as a low or no cost option to all businesses. With technology and some partnerships we can now do it!