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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – Boise Customer Feedback Service Offered for Free To Help Small Businesses Grow, Hire in Lackluster Economy

To do its part to help struggling small businesses nationwide grow and create new jobs, South Office LLC has announced it is offering its new QR-code driven customer feedback service for free.

“We are doing this to help small businesses improve their customer experience and, therefore, expand and hire new employees as revenue grows,” says Martin R. Baird, chief feedback officer for South Office, a Boise, Idaho-based company. “Wal-Mart announced it is bringing back its layaway plan to help shoppers during the recession and give the economy a boost. This is our way of also helping the business community and the economy.”  Read more..

Serial Entrepreneur Says, ‘Give It Away for Growth’ to Help Businesses Succeed in Terrible Economic Times

“Government doesn’t know how to create jobs, so it’s time for entrepreneurs to step in and help,” says Martin R. Baird, South Office LLC Chief Executive Officer. “Entrepreneurs create jobs. They have the ideas that drive our economy and they need some help.”

According to the SBA, small firms have generated 64% of net new jobs over the past 15 years. Consider this; if one out of three micro businesses (that is a business with less than 4 employees) in the United Sates would hire one more person we would be at full employment.  Read more..