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Online Site Transforming the Way Customers Share Feedback

Helps Businesses Intelligently Collect, Use Customer Feedback
If ever there was a time when businesses needed to know what was going on in the minds of their customers, this is it, and a Boise, Idaho, firm is determined to help by transforming how customers share their thoughts and suggestions. South Office, LLC, has launched a new online customer feedback resource site  that offers businesses insightful information on how to gather customer input and use it to improve their operations and bottom line

“Customer feedback is absolutely critical to the success of any business,” says Martin R. Baird, Chief Feedback Officer for South Office, a company that focuses on how customers share feedback and how businesses use it. “The challenge is knowRead More...


Is Obama killing small business in America or is social media customer feedback?

The answer may surprise you.

By Martin Baird

Chief Feedback Officer

We’ve had the housing collapse, bank failures, high unemployment, European debt crisis and political gridlock. But have those been the problems plaguing small businesses? “It’s easy for the media and talking heads to lament about taxes, spending and healthcare as ‘the reason(s)’ for small business struggles and failures,” says Martin R. Baird, Chief Feedback Officer for South Office, a Boise, Idaho-based company. But they may not be right.

“It’s a presidential election year and the economy is soft at best and the government debt is out of control” Baird says. It’s eRead More...